Thursday, June 18, 2009

Advice For The Young And Jobless

NYT blog coverage of an event at the Century Foundation which I moderated yesterday...
My takehome messages from the event:

1) The job market is really terrible for everyone right now, but no one is better equipped to compete than young college grads.
2) The long-term outlook is much better than the short-term outlook.
3) The real opportunities lie in helping others (both people in your own social network, who are your richest resource to find work and vice versa, as well as actual job openings in education, health care, nonprofits and social services.)
4) What this country really needs is a labor movement to improve the quality of all jobs.


Meredith Kelsey said...

4) What this country really needs is a labor movement to improve the quality of all jobs.

Any suggestions where I can learn more about this idea?

Anonymous said...


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