Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yahoo Column: Women in Generation Debt

Interesting reactions to my latest column,
A lot of people seem to have trouble accepting the fact that men still earn more than women on average. I don't know what to tell you folks except look at the numbers. Here's more about the wage gap.
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Anonymous said...

A lot depends on the level of education and the Profession the woman choses. My Wife is a Pharmacist and she has absolutely no problem making as much or more then male Pharmacists [or men & women in most other Professions].

Anonymous said...

This fallacy is the same as the one about women in science: There are more men than women, so it must be a bias.

Wrong. There are many reasons women may earn less on average. This is no evidence of a bias. It is your refusal to accept these obvious factors that marks your work as that of a polemicist or politician, rather than an unbiased advisor.

Anya said...

If you'd read the column, I wasn't arguing that the pay gap was evidence of bias. I was arguing that the pay gap means women have a special reason to save and invest for the future. If we can expect to earn less than men, it only makes sense that we should manage our money better.