Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moving U.P.

I had a great time visiting Northern Michigan University in Marquette last night. The weather was perfect, my hotel had a view of Lake Superior, and the students were really nice. In my presentation I mentioned some free websites that are easy to use to manage and track your spending. These are Wesabe, Mint, and Geezeo. There are a bunch more popping up out there on the web as well. I recently signed up for Mint myself.


Peter Glyman said...

Hey Anya,

Thanks for sharing Geezeo with the students at Northern Michigan University! It's amazing how many people tell us that students just don't care about their finances and that's not the market we should be focused on.

We couldn't disagree more. We talk to so many students everyday that are looking for a better way to track their money and plan for the future. Students these days are graduating with record levels of debt and our faced with the realities of important financial decisions sooner than later.

They need the help now...

Nice to see you doing the tours! Keep up the great work!

Pete Glyman
Co-Founder, Geezeo

apatzer said...


I'm glad you're using, and thanks for the mention.

Last night, we just rolled out v1.1 including budgeting (along with alerts that tell you which purchase put you over), and enhancements to our mobile signup:

Looking forward to the FastCompany piece.

Aaron Patzer
Founder & CEO,