Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Favorite Comment About Feminism

Re: my article on Women in Generation Debt:

1 star out of 5

This article is quite inaccurate. Women make more than men. If you compare apples to apples, .ie men and women in the same field, same experience, and same education, women make more. Articles like this are ridiculously misleading. The presentation of facts needs to be more organized and better explained. Poorly written ... Anya is hot though.


Anonymous said...

Proof positive that the Neanderthal's did survivie the last ice age.

Really depends on the career field/profession of the comparables. Engineers or Pharmacists probably no problem but other career fields probably a problem.

Anonymous said...

That column was a piece of hypocritical feminazi garbage.

First, the bias is obvious. If women earn more than men that is GOOD. If men earn more than women that is BAD. Try publishing a column with those things reversed and you'd be called a misogynist.

Second, the research is poor. One study to prove that women are better investors than men? The same tired statistics to claim that women are biased against when it comes to pay?

Finally, we are talking about a Yalie who married a Google zillionaire lecturing the world about how women have it harder. As if. Anya proves why women have it EASIER -- b/c they can use their looks to earn their retirement before they hit 30. As every guy knows, Anya can take half her man's earnings whenever she gets bored of him in divorce court.

In closing, Anya is the reason I would not vote for Hillary even though I voted for Bill. Yet another case of a woman using a man to secure her own future -- and then turning around and bashing them in public forums with a load of bull.

Anonymous said...

Looks like first commentor has additional proof.

Anonymous said...

Wow. No real comments here yet.

I thought the article was good. 1000 words on yahoo is not the place that have hundreds of citations, but still a good job of showing that women earn less than men (for a variety of reason as you would have learned if you followed the links). Also took the time to show that some populations, young women in cities, have reversed the curve and, no, not "good" in its own right, but possibly the start of a trend that will shrink the overall wage gap. And that would be good.

Anonymous said...

Men work more dangerous and less desirable jobs. When was the last time you saw a female garbage collector or a women working the oil fields?
Men commute longer hours to get to work.
Men put in more hours.
In any case, the disparity in wages does not necessarily mean there is sex discrimination.

Anonymous said...

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