Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And Here it Is...Distance Learning

Nearly 3.5 million college or graduate students, one of every five, took at least one online course last fall, double the figures of five years earlier.

... the surge is mostly among community colleges, professional programs like business and education, specialized online schools like the University of Phoenix, and public universities like Penn State and Illinois that feel obligated to accommodate far-flung residents.

Bafflingly, this article doesn't mention cost as a factor, although cost is certainly the concern that unites the institutions listed above.

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Anonymous said...

xbIt also doesn't make reference to whether online degrees increase one's real private-sector marketability, which is a primary concern of mine. Does $52,000 of online degree pay off in terms of increased earning potential, or are online degrees recognized as such by corporate recuiters and hiring managers and largely considered irrelevant?