Monday, July 09, 2007

What "Jane"'s Demise Says About Generation Debt

Jane is a women's magazine that folded today. Founded by Jane Pratt, the same editor behind the beloved-by-many teen mag Sassy, Jane tried to be a down-to-earth, quirkier alternative to the mainstream women's publications, albeit within the boundaries set by being a Big Media Conde Nast publication, which is the tension that probably killed it. According to the reaction of these bloggers, Jane was aiming for a certain zeitgeist of young women which sounds a lot like Generation Debt [all irony and snarkiness (sic)]:

"a lot of the ladies at whom Jane was initially targeted are maybe not the biggest fans of life. Not that we're living on the streets of Bombay or anything, just that it's not exactly like it was for our um parents.... A lot of them are probably uninsured. Brandon Holley once told me (full disclosure: I wrote a story for Jane once) that readers always told her they liked the magazine's funny features on personal finance: the one about different desperate ways to make $1000 in a week; the one about lucrative side jobs i.e. stripping; this month's about acing your credit check. (Ughhhh.)"

Everyone has some junk food in their media diet. If you are 25 years old, underemployed and uninsured, it's probably better to read a magazine that tells you in a "funny" way how to ace your credit check than one about $1000 beach towels and plastic surgery.


Anonymous said...

"Not that we're living on the streets of Bombay or anything,"

My guess is that it will be pretty close in about 3 years. Get serious.

Do you have any idea???

Anonymous said...

Debt Report. Anya, Have you seen this?

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