Monday, July 09, 2007

BlogInterview Up

Here's an interview I did with Cody McKibben of the personal finance blog,
run by an interesting young finance writer/entrepreneur named Ramit Sethi.


Anonymous said...


You look so tired for your age. I take that this is yet, another sign that globalization fueled by debt money system that ravaged third world countries is now "Debt Boomerang" back to the U.S.

What was the web site? Was it ?

Remember, money you earn is someone else's debt.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. I checked Ramit Sethi's 50 books I recommend. Oh no.

Anonymous said...

Just read your interview over at Ramit's site. Good stuff. I'm looking forward to your yahoo column! I wish I had known what I know now at age 24 at age 20!



Ramit Sethi said...

Anonymous: Not sure why you keep saying "Oh no" about my book list, but let me know if you have suggestions for better books you'd put on the list.