Friday, December 05, 2008

What Will Happen to Obama's Youth Machine?

The campaign can't decide what to do with this fabulous network of 13 million supporters now that Obama's, like, in charge. Same is true of MoveOn, really. I mean are they just a giant operation to buy television ads and sell stickers?

Obamaniacs, guess it's time to pick an issue and fight. You could stay in your neighborhood and help working families resist eviction and foreclosure. You could get all hardcore and organize your fellow young wage slaves working at crap jobs nationwide. (Get paid while you do political activism--until you get fired!) Campus Progress has various national campaigns going on if you're a college student. You could stand in solidarity with fellow vets your age or try to stop the war. Power Vote is doing great stuff on climate change. You could try to help restock your local food bank this winter. Or move to New Orleans and join a network of young professionals trying to reinvent an entire city.

The one thing not to do is wait for some DNC tools or anyone else to tell you what the youth agenda is.

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