Monday, December 15, 2008

Right On

"Debt Free at 50? Something Has to Change." A timely lament from Stamford, CT.

"With all this debt, how can I ever afford to buy a house? Or have children? What about paying for their education? These are things you don't think about so much when you're 18 and signing on the dotted line of the loan disbursement application. ..
The answer is not more loans, or stopgap tax credits, which don't help families who can't afford to pay up front. What we need to unshackle the future generation of this country is for colleges and universities to start charging students less. "

Or...alternatives to college that are more efficient and competitive than the current and higher-quality jobs across the board.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. My husband and I frequently find ourselves thinking about how much better off we would be without our degrees. We're still renting a shitty apartment in our early 30s because of overwhelming student loan debt. We appreciate the excellent research and advocacy that you do.

Anonymous said...

another option is to revamp the entire higher education system to make it cheaper and more practical than it is now