Thursday, December 04, 2008

College is Unaffordable: Reactions from Around the Web

Campus Progress: "If we really want to make sure that low-income students can go to school, we need to restructure priorities in higher education. Low-income students may be the most expensive to educate, but they also see the greatest economic mobility increases. That means it’s the best return on an investment."

The Chronicle of Higher Ed:
(via Washington Monthly):" colleges could use technology to lower costs and thus student prices, but they won’t until the terms of competition change. "

Yahoo! News: "Historically during downturns, "states make disproportionate cuts in higher education and, in return for the colleges taking them gracefully, allow them to raise tuition," Callan said. "If we handle this recession like we've handled others, we will see that this gets worse."

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Anonymous said...

I ready this and thought of you... I'm betting college costs go down as the demand for higher education ebbs as risk-based pricing increases the cost of borrowing. Colleges will have to lower tuition and cut frivolous expenses (and believe me, there are many areas that could use a trim) if they're going to maintain enrollment numbers. If not, the the value of the education will be even greater (ie better ROI) due to degrees not being in as high of demand. I'm happy either way.