Wednesday, April 11, 2007

UWM-Correction-Hojan-Clark not on leave

From the office of University Relations and Communications:

"UW-Milwaukee Financial Aid Director Jane Hojan-Clark has NOT been put on
leave. She does, in fact, enjoy the strong support of her division's
leader, Provost Rita Cheng.

One somewhat-related development. This morning, it was reported that she
resigned from the Student Loan Xpress advisory panel on which she was


The seeker said...

Thank you so much for coming to UW - Milwaukee! Your welcome back anytime! I would just like to say that the link you posted on this blog does not work and I'm really interested since it involves UWM. If you could send me the link that would be awesome!

Thanks again!

Anya said...

Hi Jake,
I enjoyed meeting you too. Good luck with your paper. try the link again, it should work;