Monday, April 09, 2007

Job Market Better for Class of '07

Best fields are education, finance and health care, says the Post. And though they need Millennials, recruiters seem to not like them so much.
They are using text msg spam to reach Millennials. And cheesy customized web pages--red for chicks, navy for guys.

"With a personalized Web page, we're giving this generation a couple of things they've grown used to - quick access to information and the feeling that they're very important to us," says Consolidated Graphics' national recruiting manager, Rachel Seff Koenig, who recently gave a seminar to human-resource managers called "Capturing College Talent: Creative Strategies for a Competitive Market."
"You've got to remember," she says, "this generation is kind of pampered. They're a little bit wussy. These are the children of Soccer Mom Nation, and they're used to having every aspect of their life arranged for them."

Gee, that's real respectful. I'll go tell all my friends to work for Consolidated Graphics.

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