Monday, April 30, 2007

Free Tuition Demands

Today marks the April Mobilization for Higher Education by a group called the Democratizating Education Network. They demand full public funding for higher education; a rollback and eventual phaseout of tuition; the democratization of higher education in the USA.
They've supported the Tent State movement, which I've written about elsewhere and attended in Ann Arbor.
Here's their charter:


1) Full Public Funding for Public Higher Education
2) Free Access to Higher Education and Abolition of Tuition
3) Affirmative Action to End Institutionalized Racism and Sexism
4) Full Recognition of the Right of Students and Workers to Organize
5) Democratic Self-Government of Higher Education
6) Service to the Public Welfare, Not Corporate Profits
7) Free Speech and Academic Freedom
8) Debt Forgiveness of Student Loans
9) Civic Education for a Democratic Society
10) Education, not war; Schools, Not Jails

As recently as the 1970s it was normal for students to call for free education, and it didn't seem that strange when many public colleges charged only nominal tuition. Militancy provides -not a realistic policy option but a clear rallying message and a good starting point for debate.

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