Monday, March 06, 2006

Great Article about Jobs, Skills, and Global Markets

in the LA Times.
Striking facts:
1) As many as 45 million American jobs may be vulnerable to offshoring, including high-skilled service jobs, as communications technologies improve. The returns to a college education have stalled since 2000.
2) Education is not enough to stem the flow of jobs overseas. The lower cost of labor overseas may ultimately be more important.
3) Bush's support of education has been "anemic." The growth in financial aid spending since he took office is entirely attributable to the fact that more students qualified; average aid per student hasn't budged. The purchasing power of the maximum Pell Grant has declined from 42% of the average public U cost to 33% since 2002.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anya:

The Detroit Free Press had an article on the minimu wage this weekend. I wanted to post my letter to the editor that plugged one of your ideas from Generation Debt.

The college factor

A number of issues are related to the question of whether Michigan should increase its minimum wage. Among these issues are the access and affordability of a college education.

As Charles Owens indicated, more than 86% of employees who would be affected by a minimum wage increase live with their parents, have a working spouse, or live alone. Most of these workers represent teenagers and other college-age students just starting out in the workforce. Many work to help cover the cost of attending college. Their earnings are only a drop in the bucket of the total cost of attendance. As a result, many deserving college-age students are being priced out of college, and no increase in the minimum wage will change that.

If voters truly wish to help these young workers, they should push for capping the skyrocketing tuition increases.

Kevin Scanlon

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