Thursday, March 09, 2006

2 Letters from This Morning's Inbox

1) i'll be getting my bachelors degree in poly sci practically on my 30th birthday next spring and im starting to consider and plan for law school... today in an effort to do some research on schools i happened upon your book in a barnes and noble, felt compelled to pick it up and then i COULD NOT put it down. thats rare but even rarer i bought the book on the spot and have been reading it ever since! while reading i had to look over my shoulder. i felt like you've been freakishly watching me for the past decade...if i had the money i would buy every baby boomer i know this book.

2) I read a Blog by Amy Baldwin (Charlotte Observer) about your book Generation Debt. I haven’t read it, but I am tempted to. (I will probably have to wait till tax season is over) I just wanted to give you my first thought of classifying our generation like that. I think it is completely wrong. From what I have gathered, your book talks about how bad (financially) our generation has it. That is sucks to be us.
I should write a book to counter yours, called “Generation Entrepreneurs”, and talk about how great our generation has it, how much we have already contributed to the capital economy, and prelude to the great things we are going to do. (My only constraint is my writing skills match Tarzan)

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