Sunday, January 22, 2006

Michael Males& Boomergeddon

Great article in the LA Times Magazine about Michael Males, a sociologist whose work tracks the scapegoating of young people and the social pathologies of his own generation, the boomers.
I found his work and talking with him extremely helpful for my own book, and I'm coming to speak to his class in Santa Cruz next month.

Mike males is talking about his generation. They think they're going to live forever, he's complaining. They're in unbelievable denial about their vulnerability. Look at the numbers: dying of drug overdoses in this state at more than twice the rate documented in 1990. Fastest-growing age group for felony and violent felony arrests in California. Biggest demographic for HIV and AIDS cases. One in three not just overweight but obese.

He sets aside the pile of papers he is grading in his apartment near UC Santa Cruz, where he teaches. The street below bustles with young people, but they're not the issue—teenagers' markers of trouble have been declining for decades.
"No one wants to hear it," says Males, a gray-bearded sociologist whose latest project is a book tentatively titled "Boomergeddon," "but we're having a lot of problems with the middle-aged."

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