Friday, January 13, 2006

I don't actually hate boomers, but

I did a blog interview with
Check it out.

What originally inspired you to write "Generation Debt" ?
AK: My political awakening came literally the morning after the 2000 election when I, age 20, realized I'd probably spend most of my adult life dealing with the foolish, shortsighted or just plain evil decisions of the generation before us, like [WHICH WERE VERY SOON DEMONSTRATED TO BE ISSUES LIKE] deficits, global warming, and the war against terrorism.


Anonymous said...

Anya -

Looking forward to the book.

Just curious -- did you really wake up the morning after the 2000 election worried about decisions emanating from the "war against terrorism"?

Given that the term had not been coined yet (pre-9/11) and terrorism was low on most people's radar screens, that would seem implausibly prophetic, wouldn't it?

I'm not playing gotcha. Just curious...

Fiat Lux

Anonymous said...

Look, your logic and keen observation are NOT going to get in the way of this woman's fantasy world!

Now scram, she has an important life to live in hot shit ultra-expensive NYC, no time to answer your annoying questions

Anonymous said...

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