Thursday, January 19, 2006

Interesting Perspective

From a socialist blog:

Yes, it isn't that the information in Strapped and Generation Debt is wrong. By this logic, the information simply does not warrant an exposition because the hardships facing young people today are facing older Americans as well; the hardships are so rampant, so obvious, so self-evident that to read about them induces ennui; and, most revealingly, the hardships faced by young people today are not unique and have in fact been a defining feature of American capitalism for generations.

Gross suggests that the problems confronting youth are a fact of life, growing pains in a bootstrap society, and that objecting to them is "whining." Our parents and grandparents had it rough; why should young people--or our children and grandchildren, for that matter--have it any easier? This sort of logic in fact defies human progress if taken another short step. Why should the lives of our children be any easier or more fulfilling or healthier or longer than ours?

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Edie said...

Thank you for the link. I hope it is clear to everyone that I was critical of a negative review of these books, not negative toward the books.