Friday, October 28, 2005

Tuition Gone Wild ? catches on to "Generation Debt."

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Edie Irons said...

They catch on to the concept, but paint a pretty rosy picture. They said:

But wait, there is good news. While tuition rates may be on the rise, so is financial aid, according to the College Board — and therein lies the key: You must learn how to work the system to your advantage.

It's true that financial aid has increased, but the College Board made it clear that it wasn't keeping pace with tuition. Working the system can help, but even with loans, grants, and work study, there is often still unmet need.

I think this excerpt from an AP article is a better touchstone:

In a news conference Tuesday, five college presidents said federal aid programs are urgently short of funds. The maximum Pell Grant — the government's chief aid program for low-income students — has been frozen at $4,050 for the last four years, covering less and less of the rapidly rising price of college each year, they noted.