Monday, October 31, 2005

Fighting the War at Home

My latest Gen Debt column focuses on counterrecruitment, which has grown into a huge national movement. For a look at the other side, read this extremely friendly profile in the NYT of a successful Army recruiter in Harlem. He keeps himself in "diamond stud earrings, vintage X-Men comic books and sports jerseys that can cost up to $400 apiece" by sending his fellow poor and working-class Hispanics to Iraq.


Edie Irons said...

Thanks for covering this issue. I've got friends who teach in low-performing, low-income high schools where ROTC is a big deal, and they're looking for counterrecruiters to come talk to their students. I'll direct them to MOOS.

In other news, check out Loretta Chao's Wall Street Journal article today: "Working on the Double - More Grads are Moonlighting to Make Ends Meet as They Begin Careers in Many Fields." I can't link to it because I'm not a subscriber.

Edie Irons said...

Plus I went to college with Monique. She was always a tireless activist for social justice - good to know she's still at it.