Monday, October 10, 2005

Counterrecruiter Confrontations

In a preview of my next weeks' column, Inside Higher Ed reports on two campus confrontations between military recruiters and protesters that led to intervention by campus police and later, bigger, protests. What interests me? The 2 campuses were George Mason University, a large public university in Virginia* with over 29,000 students , and Holyoke Community College in Holyoke, MA. Here you have a student movement that evidently reaches young people of widely varied social backgrounds and political stripes**.
*This post originally, erroneously said "west virginia," and two commenters pointed out that the university in question is actually located in a fairly liberal part of VA. Point taken. You can read more about the confrontation in question here; the campus newspaper seems fairly sympathetic to the arrested guy, and another student is organizing a counterprotest on his behalf.
**I would hate to be the one to characterize the South as monolithically Republican. My larger point, which I think still holds, is the economic difference between university and community college students, who have nonetheless both found a common cause. In the New York area, there have been actions at Columbia U and Bronx Community College.


G.J. said...

If you took the time to read the address on the GMU site you linked to, you'd see it's in Fairfax, Virginia. That's eastern Virginia, near DC. GMU and Holyoke are both ensconced in blue (or atl east purple-- voting zones, as are most urban and especially college/university centers. You really have no basis at all for speculating about the political and social backgrounds of the protestors.

blueorigami said...

he's right.