Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Students Blocked from Transferring from Community Colleges to Four-Years in CA

An argument for greater access to online programs if I've ever heard one: budget cuts are keeping thousands of community college students--40,000 students total--from transferring to California state universities to pursue their dreams.

The students are from families that can't afford to send them out of state or even 50 miles away. They have little choice but to drop out, wait around taking makework classes, wasting time and money, or go into debt to pursue a private degree.

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Anonymous said...

Considering the tax payers of California have provided impossibly cheap education for decades, it is no surprise that the gravy train has run out of fuel.

I was a lucky recipient of an inexpensive graduate degree from a Cal State. But as a 20 year resident, I'm sure I've paid for it many times over in taxes.

These students will have to decide if they really are college material. If so, make a plan and get on with it. If not, all the better they learn it now.

Community College can no longer be the extended high school that it has been, helping young adults avoid the work world.