Monday, October 19, 2009

Blast from the Gen Debt Past

"Like thousands of other single women living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Brigette, 24, collects Medicaid and food stamps. Unlike most of her neighbors, she's white and a college graduate—the kind of welfare recipient rarely considered in debates over public assistance." (Generation Debt, Village Voice, January 4, 2005)

"According to a Times City Room post picked up by NYU Local, NYU journalism grad student Ryan McLendon, who is almost $100,000 in debt and about to graduate an expert in a dying industry, has applied for food stamps." (Today, via Gawker)

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Anonymous said...

What a moron. Going 100k in debt for journalism? I hope he fails. He is obviously too stupid and/or gullible to understand the stories he would have covered, and he seems like the type who would spend his whole career slanting his stories against anything business related in an attempt to blame others for his stupidity. It is a shame that the government wastes money feeding greedy-guts like him.