Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Do YOU Think?

Hey all my student and recent grad readers: How are you coping with college costs, student loans, and a generally dismal economy?
I'm going on WNET's It's The Economy, NY next week to talk about it. Would love to hear your stories.


Anonymous said...

Graduated in 04. I'm in therapy and living at my parents house, trying to pay off my debt. Have college degree and work experience and cannot get a good job. Been through 2 reorganizations- Currently temping for 12.00 an hour (if I'm lucky) and cannot afford to live on what I make. Completely burned out and can barely complete a sentence, thought or job application. Feel like there is no hope and no end in sight. Am in the process of getting an esthetics license, so that I never have to go back to corporate America ever again. It sucks my ass, in case anyone hypothetically cares about my opinion (usually, they clearly do not.) It's worse than the most satirical Onion article or smarmiest Dilbert cartoon or slimiest moment from "The Office". It's cut-throat and people you thought were your friends will stab you in the back at a moment's notice. Tried paying my dues, but am tired of having the carrot dangled in front of my face, like I'm actually going to get anywhere. Yes, it's true- I'm a bitter troll now, as well as a hobo who is living off my parents. Went into the work force with hopes and dreams. Five years later, I don't have anymore aspirations to be a good "team player" or show "leadership skills" or whatever other bs I was force fed while fetching coffee, making copies, listening to hours of customer complaints or watching my boss get promoted for failing while successful sales people were let go. Grad school doesn't seem like an option, because the thought of even more debt on top of the debt I already owe makes me hyperventilate. I think I'm gonna go breath into a paper bag now.

Anonymous said...

Not particularly well. There's no hiring in my field (journalism) anywhere near where I live, and I'm going broke from college costs.

I'm trying to write freelance articles for different local publications and am writing in a blog everyday to keep my spirits and my AP and other skills up, but there's no money in it, really.