Monday, January 26, 2009

No Frills Degree


Leading education officials yesterday proposed a new kind of higher education institution that would offer a "low-cost, no frills" bachelor's degree.
No sports teams. No extracurriculars. No super gymnasium or plum dorm room.
No extras at all.
The schools instead would offer an accelerated, year-round program much like a community college, but they would offer four-year degrees as opposed to two-year associate degrees.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh what a terrible idea. Yes, college education is about gaining qualifications for work or graduate study, but really it's about life outside the classroom: A rare time in the arc of life when you're able to think expansively, socialize intensely, and acquire the independent and interdependent identities that are lifetime assets--and actually step aside from commerce, capital, and mere productivity. Yes it's a bubble, and it's a privilege that should be a right, but it's a measure of our civility as a society that we value this right of passage. No frills college ain't college.