Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ivy League for Free?

OnlineUniversities.com is a curious website apparently set up in part to promote for-profit schools such as the U of Phoenix . I am agnostic to negative about that particular cause although I'm getting increasingly interested in quality alternatives to costly university educations--emphasis on quality.
Here is a cool link they sent me: Top 100 Ivy League lectures available for free online.

Update: Wow. ITunes U offers free access to 75,000 audio and video education files from top universities, museums, etc--literally a lifetime of learning.


Anonymous said...

The U of Phoenix is where alot of GM supervisors sat in their cubes and got degrees from. The 400 bucks a credit hour was charged back to GM, and now they claim they need money. Amazingly, despite all the MBA's that were given out, the whole bunch of them cant seem to run a business.

Anonymous said...

I found this really interesting:

"Obama motivates D.C. to initiate new lower and middle class bailout"

Obama's Taxpayer Bailout

Anonymous said...

The for-profits, truth be told, are not all cut from the same cloth. Devry, for example, is basically a trade school, but some of its technical programs require things like humanities courses for accreditation reasons. Its core is its network of campuses throughout the country, although it does offer online classes as well. U of Phoenix, while it does have some centers, is almost entirely online. It, along with the other Apollo Group "schools," try to present themselves as true universities and colleges. This I consider to be fraud.