Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Saving for your Future

My new Yahoo column is a simple 401(k) primer.
Or as Don M says in a 2 star review: "More Advice from the Socialist.....great"


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to see intelligent writing on the subject of economics by a mainstream journalist. There are so few of you out there. Best of luck and wishes.
Bradley Ducoat
The Ducoat Financial Group
Boca Raton, Florida

Anonymous said...

Things are going to get worse. The war for wealth is on global wide, and America can't compete with China, and Europe. This is the truth no one wants to face. The top 10% will thrive, and the middle class will join the working poor. America will never go for the Scandinavian model. Quit wasting your time. Have a family, be a mom, and stop obsessing about things you can't change. Most of your generation is at home watching porn, or leaving MySpace messages. They deserve what they get for slacking.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you don't know much about economics or finance, so I don't know how Yahoo has declared you an expert?? What are you an expert of? You are 27 years old, and mostly sputtering the liberal crap your pinko parents taught you growing up. Then you go to Yale, 20 years after it has been dumbed down, and consider yourself some kind of expert. I don't see it. Read "In Plato's Cave" by Kernan if you don't believe your school has been dumbed down. Being a writer when few read is not too great either. The masses don't read, they don't read your articles, or books. America is getting much worse, not better, and there is not magic pill. In the future, no one will have money to bail out the little intellectuals when they want to party for four years, come on! Most of the people in college today shouldn't even be there, and you know it. There will always be a rich 10%, and that's about it. Communism already failed, and most people, deep down, don't want to share their wealth. Let's come back to Earth.