Monday, April 07, 2008

The Pricier Sandwich

Yesterday we drove upstate to go rock climbing and stopped in the usual awesome little bakery in New Paltz to get our sandwiches. A little sign on the counter warned their customers that the price of flour, which was $8 a bag just a couple of years ago, had gone up to $30 a bag, and other foods were also more expensive. They said they were doing their best not to pass along too much of the increased cost and asked customers to understand. Since folks were lined up out the door, it didn't seem like too much of a problem yet (and my sandwich was still just $6.50). But it served as a scary reminder of the way the world is interconnected.
Krugman on rising world food prices today: Over the past few years the prices of wheat, corn, rice and other basic foodstuffs have doubled or tripled, with much of the increase taking place just in the last few months. High food prices dismay even relatively well-off Americans — but they’re truly devastating in poor countries, where food often accounts for more than half a family’s spending. There have already been food riots around the world.

Food. Riots.
Combined with yesterday's story about the revival of survivalism--in the frothy Styles section, no less--it's definitely a wake up call. Here's what I'm going to do, whether practical, ritualistic, or symbolic. -Write an essay. -Plant a better container garden this spring on our balcony in Brooklyn. -Fix my bike. -take fewer cabs. -Donate to Oxfam. -Buy 20 pound bags of rice and beans, batteries and a hand-crank radio. -Pray.
What about you?


Anonymous said...

What am I gonna do?

I'm gonna get me a better advice columnist. Specifically, an honest one.

You're living the rich yuppie lifestyle, with the Brooklyn Brownstone, the upstate climbing, the fancy little panini shops, and the fancy little bylines. And meantime, you're talking about hording food.

That is dishonest. You know damn well you don't need to horde anything. Let alone flour.

This is basically intellectual slumming, from a rich little daddy's girl. And it isn't gonna do anything for anybody's finances. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anonymous, what did those high-school girls say to you!? They must have really figured you out and told you what a terd you are! Now you hate pretty girls, because that makes it better. You don't like people with opinions, a reasoning mind, talent, or motivation. Sorry pal, no vapid strippers here for you to feel love.

Buying in bulk isn't hording and working hard for a nice home, paying taxes equivalent to the value of said home is valuble to our nation.

So, go away and get a better advice columnist if you feel the need. I'd suggest you mosey off for a little psychotherapy.