Monday, August 28, 2006

Filipino Student Txtivists: An Adventure Story

They organize protests via cell phone text messages.

"When Estrada was ousted, we realized the power of texting,"
said Palatino, the slight, well-spoken president of a
national youth party. "Since then we have never stopped
using it to advance our causes."
At 1:45, Palatino's phone pinged again, this time with the

A smile crossed his face. With a few more taps of his
thumbs, he forwarded the command down the text brigade
ranks. He sent it to those on his phone list, and each who
received it did the same. In seconds, about 1,000 students
were in the street, stopping traffic and sending cars and
bicycle taxis scattering.
Two students quickly hooked up a public address system to
the battery of a vehicle. One by one, leaders climbed on top
of it to fire up the crowd. Palatino demanded that President
Arroyo do more to end the killings and allocate more money
for universities.
"Books, not bullets!" he shouted.

We American kids really need to get on this. Where's our national youth party? Where's our texting armies? All of y'all Facebook people, what's up??

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