Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The View

This Friday, July 14, you can catch me on the first five minutes of ABC's The View. Booking on this show has been an interesting process--far more prep for this "chat" show than for any of the news programs I've been on. I'll see how it goes.


MJ Dachelet said...

I caught your segment on The View and I will definately be purchasing your book. I have a daughter entering her second year of college and totally related to your comments about children feeling like their parents owe them something. I also work for a technical college and appreciated your comments about society eliminating the stigma of vocational education. We have so many students attend our school that found out that the university was expensive or just not for them. Our school is very hands on and really helps students succeed and grow. I'm proud to work in education and it really bothers me that young adults today are having to burden tremendous debt loads just to attend college. We are suffering through more and more budget cuts every year and appreciate the philanthropists that support colleges with scholarship endowments to help defray tuitions costs for worthy students. Again, thank you for your comments and I look forward to picking up your book.

James Geluso said...

That was... interesting. Perhaps if a guest has such a short period of time, they should limit the number of times the interviewers can interrupt. I think the same format, but with just you, Barbara, and the younger woman on the end would have been more enlightening. Not that this wasn't, but it sure could have been better.

But then, I'm so very much not their target audience.