Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Live Blogging at the Campus Progress Conference-the change track

I couldn't be there but you can read about it here. I like this idea of a panel about "Making Change a Career."

"They all made it sound so easy (other than the whole graduating magnum cum laude from Harvard Law) and maybe that's because it is: find what you want change, what needs to be changed, and do it." Well, that's the thing, i guess--If you can afford to graduate magnum cum laude from Harvard law without $200K in debt, then yes, there are some awesome opportunities out there to0 do well and do good. If you can't then there are still awesome opportunities out there, but it's gonna harder.

I was talking to pioneering social entrepreneur, Bill Drayton of Ashoka, for a story the other day and he told me that he's extremely optimistic about young people lining up for opportunities in the change-the-world industry. "People see that this is the best job available. It has the fastest growing salaries-- gaining on the private sector--values and work line up perfectly, there's so much demand, almost no glass ceiling, and your colleagues are high value, not cynical." This guy David Bornstein wrote a book called How to Change the World about an explosion in the nonprofit or pro-social sector. "Around the world, the fastest-growing segment of society is the nonprofit sector, as millions of ordinary people--social entrepreneurs--are increasingly stepping in to solve the problems where governments and bureaucracies have failed."

Big news--and good news, for anybody who's young ambitous and worried like me about the future.

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