Friday, May 19, 2006

Fast Company Story on Social Networks

I have a feature in the June issue of Fast Company magazine, about the social change potential of next-generation social networks (after Myspace).
...And the paper's editor is going on TV to talk about it!

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Adrian said...

You refer to the Arctic Monkeys and Sandi Thom as "pop-culture phenoms made online". (And you also cite in this category Fallout Boy - about whom I make no comment 'cause I don't follow FB at all.) While there is continuing debate as to the role of the internet in the advance of the Monkeys - there is no doubt that Thom is no internet phenom.

Her buzz has been generated by old-school, off-line, PR agents - exploiting the ignorance of mainstream journalists as to the mechanics of online social networking, the blogosphere etc.

It's an interesting story - but it's a different one to the story you're proposing to tell.