Monday, April 10, 2006

U Michigan Speech Today

Big props to the Michigan Organization of Students, who are trying to start an undergraduate union and are staging a three-day teach-in called Tent State University. I spoke today on the steps of the library in Ann Arbor about the French example and why students should encourage others to fight for their own economic interests--and provide a positive alternative.
For more about the Tent State movement, go here.


JoshJones said...
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JoshJones said...

Tent State is a great concept, how many students do you think were in attendance? Oh, and how was the free lunch?

Anya said...

I spoke to a crowd of 50, by my quick head count.
The events were all staged on the main quad for 3 days, so literally thousands of students at least walked by, and there were a few hundred at the evening performances--the daytime workshops were much smaller.
All in all, a great event. I expect a full report back soon.