Thursday, April 27, 2006

On Tubbs Hill

Greetings from gorgeous Coeur d'Alene, Idaho where I am appearing as a featured speaker for the Kootenai County Financial Literacy Week. I talked to about 200 high school students yesterday about how not to get in trouble with credit cards& why it's fun to invest--really!--'cause compound interest and the Rule of 72 can work either for you or against you.
Brad Dugdale, a certified financial planner who invited me here, is also really excited about getting people to opt out of pre-approved credit offers, which you can do here. I could stand to get less junk mail.

My message is in an interesting new context here where real estate values are rising, but you can get a 3-bedroom house for just over $100K, and where kids are skipping out on community college for construction and tourist jobs.

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BreZehm said...

Hi Anya

I am a realtor in CdA and there are still some bargains out there. They can be tough to find, however.

It is true that many young people do go right into the work force. But they can make good wages in construction without an education and they have no debt by doing so.