Thursday, July 28, 2005

Young Adults are Petty Thieves...

says the New York Times Styles section. They take peanut butter, disposable razors, and even underwear from their parents' houses!
The interesting thing about this annoying, youth-smearing story is that it's exactly like the story they ran last week about people stealing from posh restaurants and hotels. Both of them are about stupid, spoiled, privileged yuppies with no morals. Yet the kids story drags in the fine research of Frank F. Furstenburg and the Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood to somehow prove that the rotten behavior of the junior yuppies is a universal, generational thing. Even though Furstenburg is careful to point out in his book, which I cite in my book, that the phenomenon of "emerging adulthood" is caused by economic factors, not psychological ones.

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