Monday, February 01, 2010

Reader Question:How Will DIY U Affect Traditional Tutoring

Unedited and uncensored, from the Chelsea Green video shoot yesterday...enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

do-it-yourself University?
I can only dream...........
Jack London did this, a little over a century ago - (and he didn't do too bad, did he?)
Why I think high school grads need to step off the "grid?"
#1 - an over-educated workforce doesn't blend well with an ever -shrinking professional job market, does it? (I'm talking about the jobs with pay levels that can actually adequately adress student debt levels in the multiple tens of thousands.)
#2 - just 4 young adult years (17-21) dedicated to living debt-free [that's right: no credit cards, car loans, student loans, etc.] would teach anyone perhaps the most valuable lesson of their life - all learned by the tender age of 21...imagine.]
#3 - spend those 4 years "learning" to work, how to buy things with saved money, how to compile a free booklist of reading material that will "prep" most any further educational program.

I'm sure there are not a few college grads, and failed grads out there-who might agree now, that the only thing in life one should ever purchase on credit - is a mortgage.