Friday, September 11, 2009

Student Loan Borrowing Up 25%

Says Inside Higher Ed.

"Students took out 25 percent more in federal student loans in 2008-9 than they did the year before, according to Education Department data reported by The Wall Street Journal. The federal data showed borrowing rising to $75.1 billion, higher than the 17 percent [increase] most recently projected by the Obama administration. Robert Shireman, deputy under secretary for education, called the rise "definitely above expectations" and attributed it to the poor economy and increases in federal limits on how much students can borrow."

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Unknown said...

Hey Anya! Currently working for CT's new Congressman, Jim Himes, and we've put together an amendment to the higher education bill which promotes financial literacy training for young adults... would love to chat about it and what you're up to. Office # is 202-225-5541. -Lex