Sunday, July 05, 2009

Is the Bachelor's Degree Obsolete?

Wick Sloane is a business guy who got obsessed with fixing our education system. He actually volunteered for the front lines, taking a job teaching at Bunker Hill Community College. If you go here you can read his entertaining column and download his enlightening and provocative pamphlet on the future of higher education, modeled after Tom Paine's Common Sense.

In other news, some private student loan borrowers who got ripped off by a flight school are suing. Alan Collinge has collected a million stories like these. Vocational schools (beauty school, truck driving school, culinary school) + private student loans = trouble.


All You Need Zone said...
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Unknown said...

"Is a bachelor's degree obsolete?"

If you mean the traditional one, yes it is... Certifications, OJTs, internships and online bachelors degree offers have undermined the high-priced edifice put forth by physical educational institutions of learning charging thousands.

Casey said...

I am not sure if online bachelors degree, shinn, has made them obsolete. It just made them easier to achieve! there are still some professions where having a B.A. is perfectly acceptable, without going farther.

Chetan said...

I agree with Casey... I think its more of a perception than anything close to reality. If you look over at the other side of the world, a bachelor degree can still do a whole lot of good.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Chetan is correct, but why should one need to relocate in order to utilize $30,000 degree?

Anonymous said...

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