Monday, April 27, 2009

Important Article: End Universities As We Know Them

"If American higher education is to thrive in the 21st century, colleges and universities, like Wall Street and Detroit, must be rigorously regulated and completely restructured."

It's so interesting that this is written by a religion professor. He must be a brave guy.
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Anonymous said...

The op-ed piece is cute and a nice effort but destructively flawed. The author goes out of his way to talk about how graduate teachers and then professors are an exploited class and then his only labor recommendation is the elimination of tenure?

How is eliminating the last pathetic scrap of job security in academia going to help us? I'm tired of living in constant precarity. The solution he should have been proposing is graduate student unionization, adjunct unionization, and the growing of student and faculty power in the university system so we can help fight back against our own exploitation.

The other recommendations are good (the thesis on in particular, although late because that's the direction everything's already going) but pretty empty coming from a guy who clearly has a full-time cushy position at an Ivy League school. blech.

More student occupations, please.