Thursday, March 26, 2009

20somethings Coping with the Recession

Emily Bazelon over at Slate is perfecting the feature-story-by-email-solicitation, a bit lazy, but hey we're all cutting corners these days.

A familiar refrain:
"the most strangling aspect, I think, is the perception of my Gen Y e-mailers that they dutifully set up their lives based on assumptions that suddenly no longer apply."

And even more familiar:
"If I were a touch more paranoid, I would think there has been a conspiracy to systematically entrap me and my fellow graduates into an endless cycle of debt. Student loans, buying necessities on credit because the student loan payments bludgeoned my bank account, racking up greater credit card debt than student loan debt, credit scores, having children, taking out another round of loans to pay for their education, wondering if retirement is possible when Social Security is a joke."

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