Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Student Loans on Brian Lehrer

listen here.

I really like this comment (Nick from NYC):

People carrying these huge education debts are "frozen", just like credit, in that they aren't free to be mobile, innovate, make purchases, all of those things that will generate economic activity.

If the solution continues to pretend not to see both the huge hidden load of student debt and credit card debt, there will continue to be a rotten core to the economy.Perhaps, like in ancient times, we need an imperial decree that all debts are cancelled, and we start from the year zero.


dp said...

It was also my favorite!

nicolette said...

yes. yes. yes! at least all Student Loan debts should be wiped clean. it really isn't fair to keep students under the financial thumb of "the powers that be" when all we wanted was to educate ourselves. if i would have had any idea that i'd be in so much debt after getting my BA i would have skipped college altogether and worked as soon as possible - i would probably be making the same, if not more.

William said...

Bring back the Jubilee!

Anonymous said...

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