Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For Marci and Doug...And Everybody Else

Thanks to Colby Community College for an unusually warm welcome last night. Here's some of the resources I mentioned:

Qvisory.org is a nonprofit providing information and advocacy for Generation Debt.

Mint.com is a free online money management and budgeting tool. Geezeo is another one.

SmartyPig is a way to start saving online at a pretty good rate (3.9% APR) and to get help from family and friends.

Save Now or Die Trying is a book by Mark Bruno about retirement planning for young people. Here's a Yahoo! column I wrote about the book.

Annualcreditreport.com is THE site to get your free credit report as required by law, to take a look at what old debts you may have and start to get them in order. You can look up all your old student loans here.

The Freelancers Union provides health insurance programs and other resources for freelancers.

If you need to consolidate a student loan, try a Direct Consolidation Loan. To understand the new Income Based Repayment programs that make student loan payments more affordable, go here.


Unknown said...

Anya was a wonderful presenter for our students with such a current topic, these ideas and links are great tools for our community as well, thanks to Anya for giving us a dynamic look into the online world.

Anonymous said...

Hello Madame,

I think you would be a great guest on the "Cash Flow" show hosted by James Martinez He's the only guy in the U.S. that has told the truth about the credit card companies as well as the banks..but more importantly he has effectively helped thousands all across the U.S. Please contact him at getdebtreliefnow@gmail.com he can be heard on http://www.achieveradio.com