Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Yahoo Column is up

It's on Generation Debt's political agenda.


grumpy old man said...

while I can appreciate the younger generation's desire to find solutions, I think part of the problem was how this article was drafted. The context is "how can we help" Our father's did not look for government help, but identified individual goals and went after it.

This may sound insensitive, but is the exact opposite. When we look for someone else to help, the help will never be enough because humans are selfish and any help will be just enough to alleviate guilt.

We understood this at our core until the 60's at which point we thought it was possible for government to take care of us.

if the young continue to look to a program then they will live a life of disappointment. if they begin to look inward and create goals and achieve these goal then fulfillment will be the result.

maybe we should be talking about the root of the problem: bad parenting. our children struggle because there were not taught how to struggle properly.

sure government can try and deal with this problem with band aids, but it will never work.

We need to return to a time when we faced our problems head on and defeated them, and we need to discard this notion that there is an easy way

Anya said...

The topic was political solutions. That means it's only natural to ask what government can do.
I believe in democracy as a social contract. We the people can choose to distribute our resources to protect the weakest and improve everyone's security, or we can let power and money flow freely into the hands of the few.

Alex Lavidge said...

I'm completely baffled by a lot of the comments readers left on your Yahoo column, but anyway for what it's worth, thank you Anya for always fighting the good fight. At least you write with an authentic voice rather than just repeat political rhetoric that only serves to stir up emotional reactions and divide people rather than convey facts and historical patterns.

You know what's always been interesting to me has been the high correlation between people who espouse "less government, less taxes" as a self-evident [abstract] truth are usually the same people who when you ask them what their government does, they can't tell you any specifics or exactly how much it spends on various programs.

Gene said...

I think it's typical that liberals always look for a govenment handout as a solution to every problem. so your political solution is to take from the tax payers, the earners and give to the non-earners. how original, I think you should investigate how these social experiments are working around the world in the socialists countrys. economic fact more socialisim (govenment)more unemployment. Maybe it sounds cruel but why should I be asked to fund somebody elses kids education. Have you noticed, since govenment has gotten involved with heathcare, the prices have done nothing but go up drasticly, and your answer is more govenment?


Anonymous said...

....You know what's always been interesting to me has been the high correlation between people who espouse "less government, less taxes" as a self-evident [abstract] truth are usually the same people who when you ask them what their government does, they can't tell you any specifics or exactly how much it spends on various programs....

I find it the complete opposite. The government spend 58% of it's budget on SS/Medicare, another 9% on interest on federal debt. That's essentially 67% as a transfer of wealth from young to old, when the eldery, statistically, have substantial assets above all other age groups.

The government needs to shrink. That's why when dummies like Obama and Hillary continue to transfer wealth from the young to the old, 'Generation Debt' should be voting Conservative to stop this transfer.

Anonymous said...

So many of the comments at the Yahoo column (and a couple here) are so strange.

What I've learned from them is that a lot conservatives hate paying taxes especially if those taxes might go towards helping the poor. Also they seem to think the government shouldn't help people, and that there was a wonderful time in the 50s when that was the case.

Conservatives, you probably don't know this because you have plenty of money hoarded away. But it's possible to work multiple jobs right now and still struggle to put food on the table. That's because the economy's broken, and we need to fix it.

The government exists by, of, and for the people. It is the people. As Anya said we (those people) can help each other, or hoard it all to ourselves.

Conservatives and Individualists, I promise it doesn't hurt to help other people. In fact you might find you rather enjoy it. It may even make you less grumpy. Take a break from judging others and their parenting skills, and share some of that money with those who are less fortunate than you. You might find it fulfilling...

Anonymous said...


What is driving you to do all of this? Why don't you go have children with your husband. This would be much more meaningful and long lasting than trying to change what cannot be changed. Also, I agree with the old man, you need to go out and find your own opportunities. The government cannot change things for lazy, apathetic, unintellectual young people. It is cute that you are spending so much energy trying to do this. Were you in drama in high school? Are you getting a high from all of this attention? Do you think that during this global war for wealth and power, that the U.S. is going to suddenly start paying for college for the dummies? Come on, let's get real? It is cute that you are trying this, but read the comments. Most young people are too busy playing with their MySpace account, doing drugs, or watching porn to make any change. This is not the "Greatest Generation" and it is probably the "Worst Generation." I am 36, so not too far removed. Go home, have children, educate them, and lead them towards a job that will exist in the future. That is my free advice for you!


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