Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Yahoo Column: Liberal Rambling

In advance of my own trip to India at the end of the year I did a Yahoo! column on traveling cheaply. Somewhat interesting question in the comments as to whether it's ok for Gen Debt to travel if they have no money. Considering you can travel in developing countries for about $1000 a month, much less than your living costs back home, and since I point out various ways to work your way through a trip, it seems like it can be a sound proposition but of course it's not for everyone.

Here's my favorite Yahoo comment. Should provide a good incentive to flee the country:

Jus more multicultrial (sic) liberal rambling. Way to go naming a few places where Islamo terrorist are just waiting to kidnap an American or blow up a night club! Here is a better idea for the liberal types, how about spending your money in the US and visiting the many fine Cities, National Parks, and other destinations in the US first. A national outlook is more important than a Global outlook for young people. Seems the liberals are the first ones to run overseas and throw thier money away but the first ones to complain about the national enonomy and limited job opportunity. Seeing what the US has to offer might open your eyes as the why everyone else in the world wants to live here and why so many illegals are breaking into the country everyday.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, that's a stupid, ignorant remark! Sounds like a troll.

Norcross said...

Sounds about right for most of the Yahoo! comments I've seen. Living in the bible belt, I see this garbage everywhere I go.

Anonymous said...

What a moron. You know, as long as that joker is going to live in our country, he should learn how to write the language.

Mdinglasa said...

I love travel! I'm going away for 2.5 weeks in Philippines. My itinerary includes visiting 5 provinces, hike a volcano, lounge at 2 beaches, see unspoiled coral reefs, visit a monastery, see Dinagyang and Atitihan festivals (3 week version of Mardi Gras with dancing warriors).

I get to spend and feast like a millionaire for less than $2K/person.