Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Power Shift on Bryant Park Project

Here I am reporting for NPR on the giant Power Shift youth conference on global warming over the weekend.


Unknown said...

Hope you had an amazing time!! 5,000+ students rally for a cause is one crazy environment.

Check out my coalition's efforts smnr.us/lobbyday in the DC subway. And if you have not had a chance, please visit www.energybill2007.org, to sign the Energy Bill petition. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I listened to your NPR interview regarding "Power Shift" and global warming. The mobilization of young people you spoke about is real and growing. The key question, as you raised it yourself in the interview, is what do we do with this energy. I fear that people who are environmentally concerned will think that stabilizing the earth's atmosphere and its climate to what we have been used to is an achievable goal. It is not. Renewable sources of energy - that will replace the current need for fossil fuels - are many, many years away. By that time, the climate as we know it will have changed drastically and irretrievably. Therefore, more attention must be paid to how we, as a world society and economy, will adapt to the new conditions, such as extreme droughts, flooding, hurricanes, etc. and the consequent social and economic upheaval associated with it, such as catastrophic hunger, thirst and health issues, war and dislocation of populations. To one degree or another, the nations of the world will have to cope with this, either constructively and cooperatively or selfishly and belligerently. All of this needs to be addressed openly and now.