Friday, September 21, 2007

A Doctor for the Young and Uninsured

This Williamsburg, Brooklyn MD specializes in 18-40 year olds without health insurance. He accepts no insurance and instead charges an annual enrollment fee for anytime access by mobile phone, email or IM, with rates he says are much better than you can get anywhere else. He promises personalized referrals and same-day or next-day house calls(!) .
I appreciate his efforts to innovate and work outside the system. If I didn't have health insurance I might think about it. It would be especially great to be able to see a doctor right away.
(Thanks, Gawker!)


Unknown said...

Even if you do have health insurance, it might be worth it (depending on the fees) to be able to get immediate medical access -- and HOUSE CALLS!! Alternatively, if you had private (non-employer) Insurance, you could scale back the deductible, etc, to make it more "catastrophe insurance" and then use this Doctor for the common stuff.

Anya said...

I know. I would love to get a same day appointment.