Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chairman Miller: New Dirt on Al Lord's Stock Sale

Remember when Al Lord made $1.4 million in extra profit by selling one third of his holdings in his own company, three days before Bush's budget came out with billions in subsidy cuts and sent the stock to a two-year low?

Today, as part of that investigation, House ed committee chairman George Miller (D-CA) sent a letter to Lord requesting additional information.

"The committee has been investigating the circumstances surrounding Mr. Lord's sale of Sallie Mae stock, which took place just days before the release of the President's budget. This internal document (pdf) shows that Sallie Mae intended to have discussions with the administration about the President's budget before it was released to the public. That raises the question of what information Mr. Lord had, when he had it, and what he did with it."

What did he know...and when did he know it??


Anonymous said...

Anya, the link only opens the old govt request for the "internal document." Do you have a link to the Sallie Mae document itself? Thx

Anonymous said...

I have plenty of info on Sallie Mae. My husband and I had to get an attorney so they would leave us alone. All they do is lie! That is their #1 story and the light of their life. They send out misleading info, of which my husband and I have 100 pages of it, and refuse to respond to our attorney's questions. Now they do not understand English when spoken to. In other words, they try to play what they really are--dumb.