Thursday, February 01, 2007

Student Loan Justice: The Bus Tour

Student Loan Justice is a group representing thousands of Americans whose loan burdens have reached six figures through delinquency or default. Many of these people, whom I've heard from, are older and truly desperate, their educational dreams long abandoned, trapped in the spiral of unlimited lateness and penalty fees and ruined credit, with no possibility of relief through bankruptcy.
SLJ formed a PAC in December. The founder and other members are now traveling the country in a bus meeting with lawmakers to push their agenda of relief and amnesty. They want student loans treated like other forms of consumer debt, including the ability to refinance and declare bankruptcy. From their latest update:
We are currently leaving Santa Monica enroute to Tucson by way of Phoenix. We have met with the staff of 5 members of the education committees thus far: Wu, Woolsey, Miller, McKeon, and Sanchez.
Also, we have been greeted at our stops by various members...this is important...helps keep the morale up!
The "bus" continues to function well, except for a slight mishap (flat tire) in Cherry Valley.
The meetings have gone well. Some staff have suggested measures even more beneficial than what we are currently proposing, although we did meet some skepticism from Miller's staff with regards to the payoff plan for defaulters (agenda item #1 for the PAC). This is of particular concern, since Miller is Chairman of the house education Subcommittee. It would behoove you all to contact the House Committee, and let them feel your pain!! Their phone number in Washington D.C. is:


Unknown said...

I would vote for ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE who would give total student loan amnesty.

Anonymous said...

haha....of course you would Venus. Or you could vote for a president who might actually do something worthwhile...and you could just pay back your loans like everyone else in this country should.
You are a perfect example of why the government was forced to stop letting graduates bankrupt loans. Use your degree, get a job, and pay back the money you rightfully owe to whatever company was nice enough to give you a loan.

Anonymous said...

I can see why a dikc like you would remain 'anonymous'.

My loan has ruined my life, as it stands right now, if I could afford to pay on my loan [I'm disabled], It would be more than my rent.

I kinda like having a roof over my head, and it has priority...

Anonymous said...

Student Loan Justice is no better than the lobbyist movement by student loan companies. You all want things your way at a great cost to taxpayers.

Instead of bankruptcy, why not figure out some different alternatives. Be creative, use that degree of yours that set you back.

Alan Collinge has no reason to cry about his loans. He received 3 engineering degrees, had a job, and threw it all away. Now he wants to just turn his back on his loans. What a joke. Read more about him and other deadbeats at StudentLoanJusticeExposed

Anonymous said...

and what do you suggest our tax money should be spent on? Giving 18 billion in bonuses? Actually, i view this quite different than lobbying I don't see $250,000 going as donations to the President like what was done with Bush. Lobbying is just LEGALIZED BRIBERY. Actually it makes quite a lot of sense I think a fair amount of our economic turmoil is due to companies that dig the American people into a big hole. Logically the bankruptcy makes no sense to me, IMO the reason Private Student Loans are no different then CC's they can charge whatever they want for interest and that's why they shouldn't be held on the same platform as federal loans which are actually given in a lot smaller amounts, are limited and at a reasonable interest rates. Then they even try to get bailed out in the stimulus package? LOL they should have done better screening and stop being assholes and lying to borrowers. I view them as crooks no different the Madoff or Enron. Bribing college officials, taking advantage of students who are just trying to get a degree and then making massive donations to the government to get them to pass a bill. It's common sense why it isn't right.

Anonymous said...

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