Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"We've Been So Selfish"

Onion headline today: "800,000 Privileged Youths Enlist to Fight in Iraq."

"They don't have these recruitment centers where I live," said Daniel Feldman, 26, who resides in the affluent neighborhood of Brookline, MA and recently passed his bar exam. "I didn't realize you could just sign up, but now that I do, all of my friends from law school, yoga class, and temple are going to join, too. And not the Reserves either. We're talking down and dirty, right on the front lines."

Ouch. This is a really biting comment on how class and thus, access to opportunity, divides our generation. It hits home to me.
On the other hand, what the hell? It's up to us rich(er) kids with bright futures to level the playing field by dying on the battlefield? That's going to make this misbegotten war heroic? If you're guilt-stricken (and why shouldn't you be?), I would recommend joining the counter-recruitment movement to help kick predatory military recruiters out of poor schools, and tutoring some of those schools' students to help them navigate the college process instead.
Tom Tomorrow has sounded a similar theme a couple times, although he targets the Young Republicans who support the war in Iraq. Rhetorically, that is.

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