Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Roundup

David Burstein, a 17-year-old filmmaker, is making a documentary about first-time voters. He writes:

"I'm 18 in '08" is about the issues at stake for young people in the next presidential election, when many of us in the baby boomlet generation, like me, will be voting for the first time. The film is also about why young people don’t always vote as heavily as they should, and ultimately the film is a call for young people to get more involved in the political process and of course—vote.

I enjoyed reading your book Generation Debt and I think it raises a great deal of very important issues that can hopefully call young people to the polls in upcoming elections.

As a person dedicated to service myself, and a student who will be voting for the first times in the 2006 midterms and 2008 presidential elections, I have become increasingly concerned with getting out the vote and getting those who will be first time voters in 2008 (myself being one) not only to vote, but to become members of the political process. Having created and grown a film festival for high school students three years ago and witnessed the power of film, I have great faith that this is the most effective way to get young people engaged. Since the start of my work, I have conducted interviews with Senators, Congressmen, policy, and media figures about the issues and taking them to task on what they can do to encourage more young people to get active."

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